The blog has moved

The blog has moved and is now available here.

iPad update 444

12-12 GNP pine grosbeakWorking on the next edition. It features two cool hikes in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. plus a story of a photog from Jersey who had her first big wilderness experience in the Bob with a dog who was afraid of water (sounds like a nightmare, huh?)

At any rate, got out yesterday and shot this favorite bird of mine, a male pine grosbeak.


mid fork snow

It’s been a snowy week in Glacier. More like late November than October. The fall colors were hammered by heat and drought and now snow. Sigh. This blog will soon move to a Wordpress format (at least that’s the plan). Thanks to everyone for the App store downloads since the release of the magazine. We’ve already had several hundred downloads with limited advertising.

Tongue action

bear cub
Look at the berry placed right on this cub’s tongue! As a side note, the service that provides comments to the blog ends on Oct. 1. I dunno exactly why.

Got an iPad? Check out the GPM iPad edition here.

iPad edition now available

screen shot summer 2012
The iPad edition is now available!

The easiest way to get the app is to launch your newsstand app on your iPad and then search for Glacier Park Magazine. Each issue is $1.99 and a subscription is $7.99 a year. It will be published quarterly, though 2012 will have just two issues (the current one and an upcoming winter issue).

The direct link to the itunes store is here. All the images are optimized for the Retina display. The issue runs about 172 megabytes, so a high speed Internet connection is recommended for download.

iPad update 422-87


The app was rejected by Apple again. Nothing of my doing. The subscription setup I had didn’t conform to Apple’s rules. It was going to be two big bi-annual issues, now it will be four smaller quarterly issues...

Stay tuned. And the photo? A couple of grizzlies the other morning in Many Glacier playing while they took a swim. Wish the light had been better.

iPad update No. 434-22

8-15 Bob marshall camp
Well, I haven’t heard back from Apple on the app. It should be any day now. I just got back from a four-day stint in the Bob Marshall. Here is one of my camps...

iPad update No. 224-1

8-8 GNP black bear 1
Well the iPad app was rejected, but it was an easy fix. Hopefully the Apple Gods will accept it this time around. Thing is, I’m leaving for a four-day hike in the Bob Marshall next week. I feel like this black bear I took a picture of the other night. It ran across the Camas Creek bridge. It didn’t like the spectators, nor the girl who didn’t see it coming and nearly ran into it one little bit...

iPad update No. 647

I submitted the app to apple a little more than a week ago and have heard nothing back. But the software developer that I used to create the app said I should expect it to be rejected, because it won’t have a “restore” button on it. So they’re working on a fix. Summer may be over before the summer issue is released!!!

All in all, it’s a pretty timeless issue anyway. Mostly hikes and adventures.

IPad update (sigh)

ty johnson 2
Some of you have e-mailed me and wondered if I fell off the face of the Earth. No, for the past few weeks I’ve been talking with tech support ironing out the glitches in the IPad app. The Apple side of things is quite complicated and if you make a mistake (even a small typo) Apple doesn’t make it easy to fix. I’ve always heard about software developers grumbling about Apple, now I know why...

In addition, the summer months are incredibly busy, between hiking, shooting, editing and writing. I did get out the morning on a glassy flat St. Mary Lake. Ty Johnson, who manages the Glacier Park Boat company asked me if I wanted to go out for a spin in a small boat. Of course I did...

iPad app update

black bear

The IPad app is completed. I’m going through some final edits and just have to get Apple approval. Hopefully that doesn’t take more than 7-10 days. WooHooo!

Will the rain end?

western tanager 2
It’s rained or snowed in Glacier just about every day this week (we had sun for about 12 hours Thursday). This western tanager seems to wonder if it’s ever going to end.

An evening delight

great gray owl 2012
I ran into a pair of great gray owls hunting a meadow last night. It’s always a cool experience.

iPad update

cinnamon black bear 2
The iPad app is coming along nicely, but slower than I expected. It actually takes longer to create than a print magazine, because of the interactive features.
I expect to have it done by next month. It’s supposed to rain and snow all weekend, so I’ll probably put the hammer down and finish up the last bit of it.

What I've been running into lately

5-16 GNP mule deer

I’ve been working on some time lapse photography of flowers lately, which requires that I visit the camera at least once a day to change the battery (it lasts about 20 hours). In the evenings I’ve been running into these guys: A small herd of mule deer. They’re very scruffy, but very beautiful. One of my favorite creatures really. They don’t run, they hop like bunnies.

When a camera company loses its mind


Leica announced a black and white M9 today, I think it’s called the M9M (I could care less). They also released a new 50 mm aspherical lens. The lens is close to $8,000 and so is the camera. I don’t recall anyone asking for an exclusively black and white camera (the M9 already takes excellent black and white pictures and costs less) and the price for the 50, aspherical or not, is just outlandish.

I shoot Leicas because they’re compact, relatively rugged and even the old glass is excellent. With this latest announcement, I think Leica has simply lost its mind. Leica has always been a quirky company. They have an opportunity to really do something special with their camera and lens lines, then they do this. It just leaves me scratching my head.

A friend of mine is a very, very good photographer. Been in National Geographic and many other publications. He owns a lot of long expensive glass and I asked him what body he uses.

“A Canon Rebel,” he replied.

Enough said.


camper with dog
So I was wandering around Apgar the other night and I struck up a conversation with this camper and his dog. The dog kept growling at me. I was showing the camper, who had an interest in photography how I could set the camera to take a black and white picture only. I snapped a few frames, he let the dog down and then it bit me in the leg. It’s the only animal that has ever bitten me in Glacier. Little shit.

It's official: I've lost my mind

beaver near lodge
Last night I waited for about an hour for a beaver to haul itself up on that mound of dirt and grass in front of its lodge. I was in a haze of mosquitoes and literally seconds from leaving when one actually did — the idea being that I had the beaver and most of its lodge in one frame. I wish the beaver had stuck its head up a little higher, but shortly thereafter, it slipped back into the water. Glacier’s beavers are wary creatures.

Wider format

4-25 loon

A common loon rides a wave on Lake McDonald recently. Loons often stop at the lake on spring migrations to other more secluded park waters.

Self timing it

4-25 GNP two med store 1

Set the self timer and then ran as I hard as I could to make it to the roof on the Two Medicine Store the other day. It took a couple of tries to get it right. I’m not very fast. The road into the valley is closed at Running Eagle Falls, but it’s plowed to the lake. On the level, snow is about 4 to 5 feet deep.

I am not sick


A junco preens its feathers after taking a bath in a puddle in Glacier recently. Juncos are common in Glacier, the challenge is to make uncommon, or at least unique, photos of them.

Swan song?

swan hurt

Came across this tundra swan the other day in Glacier. It was clearly injured and unless it somehow has a miraculous recovery, will fall prey to a bald eagle or coyote before too long. I have a soft spot for swans.

Chasing bugs

bluebird chase
The other day I ran into a flock of mountain bluebirds feeding on the edges of a big wetland south of town. My goal was to catch them in flight, which means you rattle off several hundred frames and get a few keepers. In this image I managed to get the bird in flight chasing a bug. The bug is the black dot to the right. Mountain bluebirds are common in Glacier, especially in burned areas where there are plenty of dead trees with nesting cavities.

Speaking of Glacier, it’s sort of old news, but they started plowing the Going-to-the-Sun Road this week. Time to get out the bicycle.

My favorite of the month

My favorite photo of the month is this bald eagle calling from on top of an old dead Ponderosa Pine south of Columbia Falls. The weather in March was wet and snowy, though the past week has been rain on and off. Lower valley snows are gone, though we could get a little this weekend according to the weatherman. West Glacier still has about a foot of snow on the level. They start plowing the west side of the Sun Road on Monday and some east side roads, like Two Medicine and Many Glacier are already partially plowed. The Chief Mountain Road is plowed, too, but closed to vehicles.

The iPad app

I’ve started working in earnest on creating a magazine issue for the iPad. So far, things are going well. Look for a release (hopefully, fingers crossed) by May.